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Rooms & Suites

The rooms and suites of the Brijrama Palace have been very tastefully done. the palace has 32 such rooms that offer you a unique experience of old world charm with completely modern facilities.

The rooms and suites open on to wide spacious Corridors with an abundance of natural light and fresh air. All guest floors offer seating that allows for leisure with privacy. All corridors on the upper level of the palace afford access to lovely terraces with breath taking views of the river and horizon. Guest can enjoy a spectacular vistas at sunrise and sunset.

The BrijRama Palace offers 5 categories of accommodation:

  • Nadidhara
  • Dhanurdhara
  • Vasundhara
  • Maharaja Suite
  • Varuna Burj Room

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“Earth” is a category of rooms that is accessed through private corridors. Spacious and well appointed with king size beds, the washrooms come with options of bath tubs or shower areas. Ceilings are vaulted, bordered with copper shades and sections of walls have traditional motifs. Vasundhara rooms offer views of the city as well as the river.


“Wielder of the bow” is another reference to Lord Shiva where the rooms offer all comforts and in-room facilities including a study table and reading chairs. Double and Twin bed options are available with ensuite washrooms and shower area. Dhanurdhara Rooms along the terrace offer magnificent views of the Ganges while the corner rooms are strategically placed for views of the city and the river.


“River Guardian”  is Lord Shiva as a protector of Ganga. This category offers views of the city and open to the beautifully embellished corridors of the palace along the central courtyard. With both double and twin bed options,the interiors of the rooms are finished in ivory with rear walls adorned with elegant motifs. All rooms and suites at Brijrama open on to wide spacious corridors dotted with lounge areas designed for abundant natural light and fresh air.

Varuna Burj

“The Bastion” is a semi-circular extension of the Palace wall which protrudes from the edge of the palace facing the east. The Burj Room is located towards the north end and hence named after the river Varuna. It affords a magnificent 180-degree view of the entire crescent at Varanasi and hence the Ganges in all her glory.

A lovely seating area in the viewing turret, a bedroom and ensuite washroom with a shower cubicle are other features of the room that opens to a long terrace overlooking the river. The turret is a unique design you will find only in Brijrama Palace.

Maharaja Suite

River facing with sweeping views of the Ganges, the suites are luxurious spaces, well appointed with exquisite four poster king size beds, coffee table seating and a dining space. Washrooms offer a choice of exclusive bath tub and shower area with river view. The ceilings are adorned with hand painted colored fresco while the suite is appointed with rich silk furnishings of Benares. Choose from, 3 suites – Mandakini, Bhagirathi and Dhruvnanda named after the three tributaries of the Ganges.