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Brijrama Palace Varanasi

The Brij Experience

In the 18th Century, the Royal House of Nagpur greatly influenced by Maratha architecture built the Brijrama Palace on Darbhanga ghat. Considered as one of the oldest building on the ghats, it was originally designed to serve as a fort. This fort was acquired by the Maharaja Saheb of Dharbhanga in the early 20th century,  who converted and christened this fort as the famous “Dharbhanga Mahal”. The Maharaja incorporated elements of Greek architecture and the first lift in South Asia. In fact, the Dharbhanga crest is a combination of Indian and Greek symbols, a Gangetic freshwater dolphin in a flying position supported by a Greek laurel stem.

The 84 vibrant ghats of Varanasi surround the Ganges in a unique crescent and Brijrama Palace, a luxury hotel is positioned right in the middle like a delicate pendant. The Palace is just minutes walk from the famous Dashashwamedh ghat, where the evening ceremony on Ganges (Ganga aarti) happens every evening.

The Brijrama experience begins even as you board the boat (bajra – a classical handcrafted wooden boat) from Mahishasura ghat to reach the palace as your hostess recounts the legend of Varanasi along with the soft cold or hot beverages with choices of local flavour. Connect with your spiritual self at BirjRama Palace poised on the Ganges in the oldest living city of the world. The river flowing along the ghats offers magnificent views one can savor while on a boat cruise or from the terraces and rooms of the palace.